Teeth Whitening

We provide in-office whitening or take home whitening. Our products include Zoom, Pola-office, and Fast and Mild. (Contact us about our whitening special going on now!)

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Delivers top quality restorations in one visit. This includes a highly durable, natural enamel look and feel like smile. 
Cerec is an excellent choice for: 

  • Fillings 
  • Crowns 
  • Veneers 
  • Bridges  

Cerec uses a state of the art digital 3D camera to create an optical impression. This digital image replaces the physical impression required in traditional providers. No more long waits while a tray of impression goop hardens in your mouth.
Computer aided design (CAD) allows us to customize the shape of the restoration to exactly fit your specific clinical needs 
While you wait on your exact design, all ceramic, color matched restorations is being created and prepared for placement on site. Your new restoration is then fitted, polished and bonded for permanence. Your tooth is restored back to its natural form, function and beauty.
No need for: 

  • time consuming impression trays
  • temporary and uncomfortable restorations
  • the inconvenience of multiple appointments

CEREC Videos





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Are the highly advance veneers that won’t compromise your natural teeth. Unlike traditional veneers, they are designed to be custom fit over your own teeth in the most durable and natural looking way possible. Lumineers are contact thin, leaving you with a beautiful smile. 
Lumineers are designed to be pain free! No needles, drilling, or grinding! They resist micro leakage and micro cracking and WILL LAST OVER 20 years. 
A Pain-free way and non-invasive way to obtain a smile!

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Snap-On Smile

It is thin and strong, mimicking the look of your natural teeth. 
Excellent choice for:  

  • Gaps, crowding, stained or missing teeth 
  • Those who are not candidates for bridges or implants 
  • Anyone who would like a Hollywood smile without the expense and discomfort of complex and invasive procedures 
  • Anyone who has dentures and wants a more comfortable alternative 

What it takes:  
  • Pick the style and shade of your new smile 
  • Take an impression of your natural existing teeth 
  • Return in 2 to 3 weeks for a final fitting ad you wear your Snap-On smile home 

Providers by DenMat, global leader in dental innovation and technology for more than 30 years 
Another Pain-free way and non-invasive way to obtain a smile!

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